Our mission statement

Language as key to success

In view of the increasing internationalisation of education and professional opportunities, academia also offers bilingual education programmes at different levels. The combination of good proficiency in English, targeted acquisition of specialised knowledge, and development of pronounced personal competencies not only meets the current demands of the job market – it is the key to a successful future in Switzerland and all over the world.

Connecting solutions for long-term learning success

Education requirements change with the different phases in life. academia’s comprehensive portfolio is specifically designed to cover these requirements. Constant increase in the range of available offers and cooperation with other education providers lead to fulfilment of academia's superordinate goal. The Group aims to be a partner for all education-related matters and to facilitate long learning success. Rather than merely fulfilling temporary customer needs, academia offers tailor-made connecting solutions that individually support personal educational paths at all stages.

Our quality principles

What quality means to us

We understand quality to mean that our customers reach their goals with enthusiasm and success.

How we measure quality

We measure the quality of our education programmes on the basis of assessment by our customers. In addition, we regularly review competencies gained and conduct internal evaluations with all parties involved. A lively exchange between students, parents, teachers, and clients gives us direct feedback on the quality of specific education areas at all times.

What we do for good quality

Differentiated educational measures require a high degree of cooperation and coordination. academia practises an active and transparent communication style, involves clients as well as parents, and provides a unique learning culture based on a service-oriented and positive attitude.

How we verify our quality

academia is subject to supervision by the cantonal school and vocational training authorities. Cantonal regulations prescribe Curriculum 21 (Lehrplan 21) for German-language components of primary and secondary schooling. As far as English-language components and internationally acknowledged certificates are concerned, education programmes offered by academia are supervised and endorsed by the two most widely known and renowned examination boards in the world: Cambridge International Examinations and Pearson Edexcel.