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We started in Basel in 2005 with five rooms for language teaching and extra tuition.

Today academia consists of ...

12 language centres

… 3 learning centres

… two bilingual primary school

… two English-language college


Our history

At the end of October, the 7th and 8th classes of academia International School Bilingual will move to the 2nd floor of the Steinentorstrasse 30 building. They say farewell to Kleinhüningen and will also benefit from the central location here and the proximity to the English-language College. This close proximity offers many advantages to the bilingual secondary school students: Building on the bilingual tuition, the two-year programme offers the students a familiar learning environment with the option of a connecting solution in the College in the same building.
In August 2019, academia launched an English-language College with a first class. The College is located right next to Zurich main station. Since 2010, the College in Basel has successfully prepared more than 300 students for the international matriculation qualification (IGCSE's and A levels). Now we can offer the world’s most popular and most recognised higher education entrance qualification in Zurich too.
In August 2019, the Bilingual School Terra Nova opened its first secondary school class (1. Sec) in Küsnacht (ZH). The school is growing to keep pace with requirements and, in addition to primary level and kindergarten, it now offers an advanced bilingual secondary school, all at the one location.
As a result of the successful conversion of its premises, in May academia Amriswil has been able to double its classroom space and now offers an extended range of courses on two floors including language courses, integration and matura programmes.
Since 15 January 2019, academia Group Switzerland AG has a new group executive board consisting of Dr. Peter Petrin und Andreas Földényi. Dr. Peter Petrin previously acted as president of the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ). Andreas Földényi is co-owner and former director of allegra! Sprachen & Integration.
Financial support by the Canton
Takeover of bilingual all-day school Terra Nova in Zurich
Takeover of Small Foot AG (Child care)
Takeover of Business Language Center BLC (Zurich)
Takeover of akzent GmbH, Sprachreisen
Takeover of Global English GmbH Basel
Takeover of The Language Professionals Luzern
Start of the bilingual school for highly talented children and adolescents in Reinach (BL)
Takeover of Sprachen- und Handelsschule SundH, Amriswil Opening of academia Amriswil branch
Merger of academia Sprach- und Lernzentrum Basel AG with academia Bilingual School AG and academia College AG to academia Sprach- und Lernzentrum Schweiz AG
Start of the German-speaking Sekundarschule in Reinach BL
Takeover of Learn In AG, Reinach BL Further learning centre location in the Basel region
Opening of academia Zug branch
Opening of academia Basel-Land branch Merger with Avantage AG, Bern and hence opening of academia Bern branch
Takeover of Il Ponte language school in Caslano and hence opening of academia Ticino branch
Opening of academia Lausanne branch
First license agreement with academia Biel
Takeover of Voca Luzern AG; in the following year renaming and opening of academia Lucerne branch
Opening of academia Valais branch
Foundation of academia Bilingual School AG, Basel Kindergarten, primary school and Progymnasium (lower stage of grammar school) with bilingual teaching in German and English
Foundation of academia College AG, Basel English-taught programme preparing students for British A-Levels and running examinations.
Merger of in-tuition AG and academia Sprach- und Lernzentrum Basel AG Expansion in learning centre and the area of learning with children and young persons
College Opening with 16 students at Schifflände in Basel
Foundation of Sprachen und Lernen GmbH in Zurich to manage Hull’s School in Zurich
Foundation of academia Sprach- und Lernzentrum Basel AG Focus on open group courses and company training in and around Basel